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Wound HEALING Cream - Elements

per 25 gm

Product details

Wound Healing Cream is enriched with natural bio actives that provide anti-microbial activity, moisturising activity, 

promotion of mitosis and building of skin to help heal the wound and slowly seal the cuts and bruises, reduction of inflammation

 at the wound site, reduction of pus formation and soothing sensation post use.

 Wound healing cream is enriched with special Ayurvedic herbs known to promote effective wound healing even among diabetes.


Why one must use Wound Healing Cream?

  • Because it is much more than Normal Creams.
  • Promotes Clotting and reduces loss of blood.
  • Enhances cooling activity to reduce pain and inflammation on account of wound.
  • Multiply skin cells to quickly close wounds.
  • Fewer scars and marks after healing.
  • The cream includes a special herb called Manjistha and thus diabetic wounds are healed faster.


Important Note

  • For external use only.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Use for 2nd degree to 4th Degree burn wounds only under medical supervision.
  • For Diabetic wounds, consult doctor if wound does not show signs of healing after 2-3 applications.


Key Ingredients :

Sal, GhritKumari, Manjistha, Karanj, DaruHaldi


Benefits :

Cuts, bruises, burns, wounds; safe for diabetics


For Whom

For small and general cuts, burns and wounds; 



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