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Natural Sanitary Pads - Trial Pack - Bliss [ 12 Pads ]

Size: Pack of 1

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Layers: Bliss Organic sanitary napkins are made entirely of Organic Cotton pulp along with Kenaf, Bamboo Nonwovens as Top Sheet, and Starch Based Bioplastics as Bottom Layer. No chemicals are added as fragrances or Absorbents to ensure your direct contact with the biodegradable Sanitary pad is safe and secure.

Types: Bliss Natural 100% organic cotton, Kenaf Based Biodegradable sanitary pads are available in Two types- Fluffy Pads and Slimmy Pads. Fluffy Pads are Regular cushiony Sanitary pads and Slimmy Pads are Ultra Thin Sanitary Pads.

 Package: Each pack includes 2 pads in Fluffy sizes L, XL, XXL, and Slimmy sizes L, XL, XXL. Discover the ideal combination for your needs in one convenient set.

Degradability: Bliss Organic pads start degrading in 6-12 months in a composting facility.

Certifications: 1. Bureau of Indian standards certified 2. First time in India, FDA approved sanitary pads 3. Biobased Certified as per ASTM Standards.

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