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Natural, Organic Sanitary Pads XXL Slimmy | Ultra Thin - Bliss [ 7 Pads ]

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 Layers of the Pads

Top Layer

Bliss Biodegradable Sanitary pads are made entirely of super-soft bamboo spun-Laced Nonwovens that ensure a 100% rash-free period. It is naturally feathery soft and comfortable to the skin and doesn’t cause painful rashes.

Middle Layer 

The unique feature in Bliss Organic Sanitary pad is that it is made from Kenaf pulp. The absorbent core is a mix of certified cotton and Kenaf which is highly antimicrobial and good absorbent . Indian Herbs are added to prevent fungal infection.

Bottom Layer 

Bioplastics based on starch serve as the bottom layer. The bottom layer acts as a barrier and provide 6-8 hour leak-proof protection.


Wide Wings for Complete Coverage and Protection: Our sanitary pads have wide wings and a wider rear to provide complete coverage and leakage protection. It works well both throughout the day and at night, helping you to sleep comfortably and feel-free all day.


Bliss Natural 100% organic cotton, Kenaf Based Biodegradable sanitary pads are available in Two types- Fluffy Pads and Slimmy Pads. Fluffy Pads are Regular cushiony Sanitary pads and Slimmy Pads are Ultra Thin Sanitary Pads.

Bliss Slimmy Sanitary Pads are incredibly regular and lightweight. You will barely feel like you have a pad on. So, you can totally forget the uncomfortable feeling of sitting on a bulky pad.


7 XXL Slimmy, Organic Sanitary Pads are included in each pack. These pads come with a bio plastic cover that is both safe for you and the environment.


The top layer of Bliss Sanitary Pads is so soft that it makes you feel completely comfortable .


Bliss organic sanitary pads start degrading in 6-12 months in a composting facility. Breathability Bliss organic sanitary pads are made entirely of natural materials that are highly breathable.


  • Bureau of Indian standards certified
  • First time in India, FDA approved sanitary pads
  • Biobased Certified as per ASTM Standards.

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