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Natural Organic Adult Diaper Pants - Bliss [ High Absorbency, Leak Proof Protection | Pack Of 2 ]

Size: M

Product details

Organic Adult Diaper : This Adult Diaper Pants are free of chemicals, plastic, and rashes. It's Natural plant based diapers keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the day.

 Layers : This rash free adult diaper are made with 3 unique layers for rapid maximum absorption, This Pull up pants are made with kenaf fiber, bamboo nonwovens for the top sheet, and starch-based bioplastics for the bottom layer.

Size & Usage : This pack have adult diaper large Size Pack of 2, this diapers used for Heavy to Maximum flow and overnight flow. Additionally, they work well for long-distance travel panty like fit.

5x Absorption : This diaper's have 5x more super absorption and gives a super comfort. Giving our customers the highest possible standards of quality and safety has always been a priority for us.

We are certified : Certified by the Bureau of Standards, FDA approved, ASTM Standards certified. This adult diaper are completely biodegradable.

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